new acquisition direct mail creatives

When M&T Bank’s credit card acquisition control packages weren’t performing as they had in the past, they asked BannerDirect to develop new creatives to test against the control packages. BannerDirect’s new creatives outperformed the control packages, becoming the new controls.

affinity and co-branded collateral

Chase Bank tasked BannerDirect with developing point-of-sale collateral for their Universal Studios, Toys ‘R Us and other co-branded credit cards. Upon successfully increasing acquisition efforts, BannerDirect was asked to develop welcome kits, loyalty mailers and other activation/retention marketing materials.

small business acquisition

Pitney Bowes experienced a level of fatigue from their direct marketing initiatives to acquire new small business customers. BannerDirect has developed several creatives for them that have pulled very well, including an oversized transparent postcard that drove traffic to a branded lead generation landing page; modifications to their current control (originally created by BannerDirect) that lifted response; as well as other creatives.

website development for client intranet

This global financial services giant needed to disseminate sales material to its relationship managers utilizing its corporate intranet system. BannerDirect was tasked with developing microsites in the company’s stringently-regulated technical environment, producing web-based solutions that were visually pleasing, easy to use and interacted with the company’s extensive database. Each site was handcrafted for the specific needs of individualized internal audiences, ranging from simple access to important documents to full-fledged training sites complete with self-grading exams. BannerDirect not only successfully met and exceeded all objectives, but we continue to oversee RBS’ internal marketing collateral.

cobrand marketing campaign

Bank of America asked BannerDirect to create a new creative campaign for the Hawaiian Airlines credit card relaunch that would be sustainable for several years. The campaign needed to be adaptable across multiple marketing channels and advertising media and flexible to utilize for all stages of customer life cycle communications including acquisition, usage and general awareness. In addition, the campaign needed to capture the essence, intrigue, appeal, feel and culture of the Hawaiian Islands. BannerDirect developed concepts with multiple components, including: acquisition direct mail packages, inflight magazine print ads, luggage tags and employee incentive collateral including breakroom posters and lanyard ID holders. Our concepts pleased all three clients: Bank of America, Hawaiian Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines’ general advertising agency.

casino retention and loyalty programs

John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino wanted to send information and promotional offers to their customers that were significantly more personalized and targeted than the current offerings based on the known habits and behaviors of the individual casino customer, all without increasing marketing costs. BannerDirect’s solution was to utilize a variable text and offer template that allowed customers to receive different letter verbiage and unique offers based on the behavioral segment to which they belonged. This variable formatting approach resulted in the dual benefit of increased revenue for the client at a lower cost, which has allowed the client to conduct more frequent offerings to a larger target audience.

custom dvd video mailer

Singer Asset Finance asked BannerDirect to develop a video and DVD and mailer that educated their audience about the benefits of lump sum payments. The client had two main obstacles to address: (1) timing is critical in the structured settlement market, and (2) a large percentage of the target audience is not knowledgeable about lump sum payments. BannerDirect developed the video and created and produced the DVD and selfmailer.